Learning at Home

If you have access to the internet…

BTN – Behind The News


Read articles, watch news videos, take quizzes and have family discussions regarding current local and world events

Mathletics Maths online learning –


Staff will constantly be updating tasks for students


Essential Assessment
The Pod3 blog has numeracy and literacy links


Daily tasks will be set and monitored by teachers, feedback will be provided when tasks are completed and sent back to teachers.

Nat Geo Kids


Learning at Home

If you don’t have access to the internet…



  • Board games
  • Dice games
  • Card games
  • Write a 4 or 5 digit number (add 100,subtract 100,write a worded problem)
  • Find a catalogue and add items
  • Pace out the length of your house block (perimeter)
  • Use a ruler to measure the length of different objects at home
  • Find different shapes in the environment (rectangle windows, hexagon signs)
  • Dominoes
  • Colour patterns
  • Find right angles, reflex, acute and obtuse angles
  • Write out addition and subtraction sums



  • Read independently magazines, books, list, newspapers, signs
  • Read a book to your brothers or sisters/parents or carers
  • Read recipes from free magazines at Coles/Woolworths



  • Free write about anything you like
  • Keep a journal
  • Write daily reflections
  1. The highlight of my day was…
  2. Tomorrow I’m looking forward to…
  3. I am grateful for…
  • Write a list, story, recount etc.
  • Write about what you have read
  • Write facts about something you know a lot about

Write down some questions for a friend or family member to

Term 1

Students have had a  great start to the year and are doing a wonderful job as leaders of the school.

Well Done Pod 3. We have been able to participate in a number of opportunities already this year including.

Nippers Program



Soccer Forest Rangers Gala Day


Kelly Sports Program

Sports Day

Meals on Wheels

Just to name a few. We look forward to an exciting term 2.

Thanks Pod 3 Team


Christmas Scratch coding challenge

That time of the year is almost here. We have explored a range of STEM based challenges over the year and you have all shown that you have what it takes to be a scientist, engineer, mathematician and that you are tech savvy!

Here is my final challenge for you for 2017 – Create an animation or game in scratch based on a Christmas theme. If you need some brushing up on Scratch – follow this link to a tutorial on how to make things fly and interact. You have one session to complete the challenge. Good luck!

Click on this image to take you to the Scratch Tutorial

S.T.E.a.M. Survey – How do you feel about STEM learning?

Congratulations to all POD 3 students on your efforts this term in the STEaM room. We have worked hard to develop our scientific and engineering understandings around electricity and the design process.

The day at Earth Ed was a highlight for me and it was great to see you all embrace the opportunity of learning in a different setting.

To finish off the term I would like to get some feedback on how you are feeling about STEM learning. Can you please complete this quick 10 question survey. Thank you

Create your own user feedback survey





Making ‘Cantankerous’, our Begonia Festival fish.

Fold one corner of your A4 so that two edges of the paper align perfeectly.

Cut the excess paper off so you are left with a square piece of paper.

Fold in two opposite corners so that the edges of the paper line up with the centre crease.

Unfold these folds to see the square, then fold in half along the center fold (making a triangle).

Cut along the crease (only as far as to creat the backbone.

Stick the two uncut parts of your fish together (to creat the stomach).

Press down to flatten the head and cut off the pointy nose to make a rounded lip.


You need to add a tail and fins using your second colour (both you can cut to your desired shape).

Lastly, add your eyes, any size and shape you like.

Canberra task

To make sure everyone is ready for our upcoming camp to Canberra (it’s only 12 days away!!!), you are required to complete a task which will demonstrate your knowledge of Canberra and an understanding of some of the places we will visit.

In pairs, you will create a poster about Canberra. Some things you might like to put on your poster include;

A Map, Parliament House, Questacon, The War Memorial, The Royal Australian Mint, The Burley Griffen, The Australian Institute of Sport, The National Museum of Australi, the National Gallery of Australia and any other significant landmarks or attractions that interest you.

Make sure your poster is eye catching and informative! (DO NOT COPY AND PASTE)