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Next week we are very lucky to meet with some current Federation University students to hear their pathway story, and also ask them some questions. We are also getting to participate in an Amazing Race scavenger hunt around campus!


Please click on the link below to explore the Federation University website



Comment below your question for one of the students.. (it may be about their education, travel, study hours, residence, work, family pathways ect..)

27 thoughts on “Federation University

  1. Q. How long have you been doing your courses and what courses have you completed?

    Q. What do you like about Federation University and living on campus?

    Q. How did you feel when you started at the University?

  2. Have any of you done a cooking course and what was your favourite bit?
    Can one of you tell us something about the hair dressing course?
    Have any of you stayed on Res, how many people do u share a room with?
    Do you like to share a room with people that u don’t know and why?
    What’s your favourite bit about Federation University?

  3. Have any of you done a visual art class? Can you tell us a little bit about it?

    How many hours a week did you study?

    Did you share a room with anyone? Was it weird sharing a room with someone you didn’t know?

  4. What course did you do and if you could do any other course what would it be and why?
    What sports club are you in and if you are not what one would it be and why?

  5. How long have you been at Federation University, what course are you studying and why?
    I would like to know if you have been in a club you made and what is it? I would like to make a Minecraft club!
    What is the best part of Federation University and why?

  6. How long do you have to be in class each day?
    What is it like being in a room with someone you don’t know?
    How do you get used to a small room with a complete stranger?
    Do you do any assignments in a group? Do you learn best this way?

  7. If I was interested in doing hairdressing what campus would I go to?

    How long does a course go for and what sort of things would you have to do for it?

  8. What is the most populaur course at FedUni?
    What age does FedUni go up to?
    If you live in the res are there all different rooms depending on the price?
    Why should we choose FedUni?
    Was it hard to fit in when you first started FedUni?
    What do people do in the res?

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