Our trip to Federation University

Today we got to meet 3 students Patty, Tasha and Sean. We also got to participate in an amazing race around the Mt Helen campus. It was a great experience and we enjoyed having our questions answered and seeing some of the new and exciting buildings and facilities.









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  1. Federation University
    Today pod3 Yuille Park kids met university students their names were: Sean,Tasha and Patty. Sean showed us the presidents heads and he showed us the swimming pool, it was awesome at the Federation University.

  2. Today I went to a place called Federation University and it was the best time of my life. I got to see some talented people and got to participate in an amazing race. We got to see the library which had so many computers. I think the best time there was listening to the students life.

  3. It was a fun experience meeting Sean and looking around Federation University, we learnt some stuff about Fed University too. Things like how to get in and join, what clubs there are and how to join them. And now I want to join too.

  4. Today I met a student named Tash. What I found interesting was how Tash explained how she got to Fed- University. What I found interesting was how big the library was.

  5. Today pod3 went to Federation University it was fun. When we got there we went to a lecture room it was fun, from there we had a tour of it. We had to break up into 3 groups. We got to meet 3 people there was Tash,Sean and Patty. My favourite part today was the Amazing Race.

  6. Today I met a University student named Sean, he does engineering, I found out that Sean is a part of the ultimate Frisbee club. I liked the library because it was big and they had lots of books and they had lots of computers.

  7. Today we went to Federation University to meet university student called Sean. He is a member of the Ultimate Frizbee Club. I have two more years of school until I am done, then I will come to Federation University to do an art or a ICT course. While there I would like to make a Minecraft or a YU-gi-oh Club.

  8. Today I met a university student called Sean. He studies engineering. I found it interesting that he is a member of the ultimate Frisbee club. At Federation University there was a big library, it is 4 stories, it has a lot of computers and there is a basement.

  9. Today pod3 went to Federation University. We met 3 students, Patty, Tasha, and Sean. We also participated in an amazing race around the Mt Helen campus. It was a great experience and they answered our questions and I like when we did the race and I had fun.

  10. Today we went to Federation University and did a little amazing race around campus. It was fun going to the library and the students lounge. If I ever go to university I would go to the students lounge every day.

  11. I went to Federation University to do an amazing race. My team was led by Sean. He was a student he was fun to be around and I can’t wait to be in University.

  12. Today I met Tash she talked to us about the university then we did a tour around the university, it was very interesting, I think the most enjoyable part was the student lounge and the library.

  13. There were 3 students at Federation University, Tash, Sean and Patty. Today I was in Tash’s group for the amazing race. She showed us all around the campus. It was fun looking at where they all work and learn. I like the games room and the big bridge around the tree. They called the tree the ‘Knowledge Tree’.

  14. Today I went to Federation University. I met Josh he is a history teacher but he is taking a course called Master of Teaching. He has the same name as me, he talked about there was another campus with more students than the one we went to. He promotes the university throughout Victoria. We had amazing race around the campus and each time we got a question right we got a letter and at the end we spelt the word university. We all had a great time thanks to Chris, Josh, Tash, Patty and Sean.

  15. Today we got to have a tour around Federation University. My favourite part was The Knowledge Tree because it was big and has been around since 1860. I meet a University student called Tash. She is on her last year of studying business management and she showed us around in the amazing race.

  16. Today all the pod 3 students visited Federation University. One of the University students called Tash showed us around. The best thing about the Uni was a tree that was over 100 years old called The Knowledge Tree, which Tash said that she used to sit under the tree in her first year of Uni.

  17. Today I met a student named Tash and I found out that she is a business worker at Federation University and that she studies a lot. Tash showed the group the massive buildings and I liked how she spoke clearly and we could hear Tash. I had a great time at Federation University and I would like to study there and I would like to be a nurse and a paramedic.

  18. Today our pod went to Federation University. It was really fun and we got to walk all around the campus. It was amazing to see so many levels and books in the library I don’t know how they find any books.

  19. Today I met a Fed University student named Sean. He studies engineering. What I found interesting about Sean was that he has his own Frisbee club. We did an amazing race we had to walk around the whole Fed University it was fun.

  20. Today was the best day I got to meet new people and got to look around the campus and it was awesome. We got to go in the library, it was too bad I did not get to check out the pool.

  21. Today we went to Federation University. We met Sean, Patty and Tasha they told us how they got to Uni. I found the Library interesting because of the 4 levels most of them were full of computers.

  22. Today we went to Federation University on a bus, once we got to Federation University we went into a new lecture theatre which had just been built. We stayed in there for at least 45 minutes, after we finished in there we were split up into 3 groups with a University student in each group.
    The University student that we had as leader was Natasha, she showed us to many areas, and the fact that we had to answer questions on the areas we were in, it was really fun and the part I found most enjoyable was going into the 4 story library, I hope we go there again later in the future.

  23. Today I visited Federation University. I met three students from FederationUniversity their names are Tash, Shaun and Patty. We explored Federation Uni we saw a hair dresser and a cafeteria, library, games room. It was fun, my leader was Tash she is very nice.

  24. Our Trip To Federation University

    Today we went to Fed Uni to learn about what university is like. There were three students who told us about going to Uni. We broke up into three groups lead by one of the students for an Amazing Race around the uni. Our leader was called Patti. I really liked the Tree of Knowledge because it was massive and I think it would have had more than 100 rings. It was fun and maybe one day I will go to university.

  25. Today I met Sean we got to go and see a swimming pool, it was long and we went to the library it was big. It had lots of books for all the students to study. My favourite thin was the swimming pool because it was colourful and bright and big hop we get to go gen

  26. I went to university, what I found interesting was how long each course was.
    At university we did the amazing race. We had to make the word university out of letters.

  27. Our Trip To Federation University
    Today pod3 went on a trip to the University in Mt Helen. I met a university student called Sean who talked about Uni life.

  28. Today we were lucky to have Federation university students talk to us about when they first stared at Federation University. They talked about moving out of their home just to go to Federation University.

  29. I met Patty, Sean and Tasha. They said what they lean about at University. I found the Big Tree interesting because I like trees.

  30. Our trip to Federation Uni .
    Today Pod 3 went on the Amazing Race at Federation University. I learnt that the students to go lectures at different times at Uni. At university you don’t have to wear a hat or uniform. I noticed it was a very big place.

  31. Today I met Sean he took us on a walk around Fed Uni and it was fun. It was really big I didn’t expect that it was going to be that big. Thank you Sean.

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