Pod 3 Elective Outings

Tuesday morning- Pod 3 were fortunate to go out on some mini-excursions.

The kitchen group visited the Lake View and spoke to head barista Cory.

The Art group went and viewed ‘The Archibalds’ exhibition at the Ballarat Art Gallery.

unknown3The E-Learning group visited Flash Drive and spoke to Fay who spoke about recycling and repairing old computers.unknown2

The Sport group visited CB Fitness and spoke with Kay a professional boxer.



Please comment below about your experiences..

Things to consider/include in your recount…

-A summary of the experience (who, where, when & why?)

-Something interesting you learnt

-Any questions you still have

-After meeting a professional in that field- is this a pathway you would be interested in following? Or a similar occupation?


Explore our elective pathway…


Your task today… explore an occupation that was recommended on your myfuture profile!

Create a report on your chosen occupation.

You must include

-A description of your profession

-What personal requirements will you need

-The top 5 most important knowledge areas and explain

-Study requirements

-Average annual salary- how much would you be paid per week?

-Average amount of hours worked weekly compared to hours you spend at school

-3 other similar or related occupations


You can display your findings however you prefer (poster/word doc/powerpoint/photo story ect…)

Our trip to Federation University

Today we got to meet 3 students Patty, Tasha and Sean. We also got to participate in an amazing race around the Mt Helen campus. It was a great experience and we enjoyed having our questions answered and seeing some of the new and exciting buildings and facilities.









Read about our experiences below….

Federation University

Next week we are very lucky to meet with some current Federation University students to hear their pathway story, and also ask them some questions. We are also getting to participate in an Amazing Race scavenger hunt around campus!


Please click on the link below to explore the Federation University website



Comment below your question for one of the students.. (it may be about their education, travel, study hours, residence, work, family pathways ect..)

Who says I’m average?

Pod 3 this week created their own 2 metre ruler out of A3 paper, we then measured our heights. After measuring our heights we stuck them up on the wall in order from smallest to tallest (It was no surprise to us that Peta was the tallest!) We made observations on our heights and we then calculated the mean (average) height of a Pod 3 student- it was 152cm!





Pod 3 are going to MARS!


You have been selected as astronauts and scientists to visit the Mars Australian Research Station (M.A.R.S.) on Mars! You’ll perform science experiments in the Laboratory and work on the computers in Mission Control.
mars nice
Before you go you’ll need to undertake some research about Mars, and what it’s like to live and work on another planet.

In week 8 we are visiting the Victorian Space Science Education Centre (VSSEC) before we arrive we have a student research project to complete!


Please click on the website below for information, videos, helpful websites and images to complete your project!



Compare the planets here

My start in Pod 3

Together with a partner please answer the following questions.

1: I have felt ……………. after my first 2 days in the Pod

2: I am looking forward to ……………… this year in Pod 3

3: An engagement program (RACV, JTC, CAFE, Band, Peer Mentoring, Meals on Wheels ect.) I would like to be involved in is ………….. because ………….

4: I am nervous about ………….. because ………….

Boys Group

This morning the boys group had a focus on trust. We worked in teams with shared goals to compelte some trust activities.
We led each other with our eyes closed throug obstacles using limited words, then backwards and then with no eye sight or words.

Comment below the personal skill you are focusing on..
Also comment something you found difficult in todays session…
Also comment on something you and your partner did well together..