Making ‘Cantankerous’, our Begonia Festival fish.

Fold one corner of your A4 so that two edges of the paper align perfeectly.

Cut the excess paper off so you are left with a square piece of paper.

Fold in two opposite corners so that the edges of the paper line up with the centre crease.

Unfold these folds to see the square, then fold in half along the center fold (making a triangle).

Cut along the crease (only as far as to creat the backbone.

Stick the two uncut parts of your fish together (to creat the stomach).

Press down to flatten the head and cut off the pointy nose to make a rounded lip.


You need to add a tail and fins using your second colour (both you can cut to your desired shape).

Lastly, add your eyes, any size and shape you like.

Canberra task

To make sure everyone is ready for our upcoming camp to Canberra (it’s only 12 days away!!!), you are required to complete a task which will demonstrate your knowledge of Canberra and an understanding of some of the places we will visit.

In pairs, you will create a poster about Canberra. Some things you might like to put on your poster include;

A Map, Parliament House, Questacon, The War Memorial, The Royal Australian Mint, The Burley Griffen, The Australian Institute of Sport, The National Museum of Australi, the National Gallery of Australia and any other significant landmarks or attractions that interest you.

Make sure your poster is eye catching and informative! (DO NOT COPY AND PASTE)