Cafe week 2

What a great day we have had this week in the cafe.
Our team this week was Tim, Cody, Chloe W and for the first time ever Chloe T.
This week Tim was assigned to cooking our delicious Asian red rice veg salad…….
Cody was frothing up a storm on the coffee machine, Chloe W was busy serving our lovely customers, and our new Chloe was kept very busy doing dishes, helping Chloe W prepare the Turkish breads, and taking orders out to customers.
“It was fantastic working in the cafe for the first time. I liked all the jobs, I wish I could go every day,” said Chloe T.
“I would like to get better at giving out the right amount of change” (Chloe W).
“Timmy did a great job at making the salad” (Cody).
Take a look at our photos from today……….





In the cafe today

Today was the first day for the cafe at YPCC for 2014. Our staff today included Cody, Chloe, Crystal and Timmy. On the menu today was:
– poached chicken and Asian slaw wrap
– caramelised onion and cheese FILO tart
– brownies
And assorted Turkish breads.

Our goals for cafe:
– Timmy is going to be working with Tanya to make the rosters
– Cody wants to work his leadership skills
– crystal hopes to learn how to use the register, and
– Chloe wants to learn how to be a barrista.





We have had a very busy start to term 3 in the cafe.
Our staff members have been trying different jobs. Celine and Cody have been great serving people, and using their ‘maths brain’ on the cash register.
Jayden has been doing a great job making yummy coffees. Tim has been such a good teacher, showing some of the girls his ‘secret’ to making a great coffee, and being such a great leader.
We have had Jayde, Hayley, Kayla, Eva and Nick all working very hard at different jobs also.

We love seeing lots of customers, and seeing their happy faces once they have eaten the yummy food we all help prepare.

Cafe,Thursday 2nd May

On Thrusday we welcomed our newest Cafe member, Jayde.
He worked hard all day and had a fabulous day.
“I liked cooking the different foods, and having fun in the kitchen”,said Jayde.

We cooked lasagne, tomato soup, cheesy leek quiches, and our usual veg, chicken and BLT pides.

We hope to see lots of you there!!!





Cafe update

This week in the Community cafe we welcomed two new team members. Nick and Chloe have now joined the cafe team and will work alongside the rest of the crew, preparing yummy lunches, making delicious coffee and perhaps more importantly develop their team working skills and self confidence.

It’s week we served corn fitter with a tomato and avocado salsa, open roasted chicken salad sandwich and vegetable quinoa salad.

Be sure to check out next week’s menu here early next week.


Snags, muffins and a trio of dips

This week in the cafe our wonderful team worked with Nat and Tanya to prepare a scrumptious lunch.

We start each day in the cafe by filling the condiments, drink fridge, count the till float and then it’s time to cook.

This week we made Turkish breads, sausage, fennel and coleslaw wraps and a trio of dips. The dips were carrot, beet root and yoghurt.

Working in our community cafe is a great opportunity  to build our team working skills and customer service skills.

Check out these pics to see this week’s action and meet the cafe team.