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Christmas Scratch coding challenge

That time of the year is almost here. We have explored a range of STEM based challenges over the year and you have all shown that you have what it takes to be a scientist, engineer, mathematician and that you are tech savvy!

Here is my final challenge for you for 2017 – Create an animation or game in scratch based on a Christmas theme. If you need some brushing up on Scratch – follow this link to a tutorial on how to make things fly and interact. You have one session to complete the challenge. Good luck!

Click on this image to take you to the Scratch Tutorial

S.T.E.a.M. Survey – How do you feel about STEM learning?

Congratulations to all POD 3 students on your efforts this term in the STEaM room. We have worked hard to develop our scientific and engineering understandings around electricity and the design process.

The day at Earth Ed was a highlight for me and it was great to see you all embrace the opportunity of learning in a different setting.

To finish off the term I would like to get some feedback on how you are feeling about STEM learning. Can you please complete this quick 10 question survey. Thank you

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How do you use technology?

What does being eSmart mean?
What is cyber safety?

At YPCC we are committed to making sure all our students, staff and community are safe online and that they have the knowledge and skills to do this.

Please complete this survey to tell us how you use technology so that we are able to focus on the areas that can help build our skills in this area.

In the Kitchen…

Last week (wk3) we made Yellow Curry Paste, which we used to make Vegetarian Thai yellow curry, with either rice sticks or rice and we also made our own Roti Bread.
This week we made an Indian breakfast pancake called Dosa, which we filled with a yummy curried potato mixture.

“Mac is the Master Slider and I’m the Master Flipper!” Lachlan R, grade 6. While making the crepe like Dosa!

Potato curry image2

Cooking up some maths

Each week students from POD 3 do some ‘real life math’ in our kitchen. The mathematical connections made in these learning opportunities are amazing. It’s when the kids are back in the classroom or out in the yard and you hear comment like, “it’s like what we did in cooking, a half a cup and and a quarter of a cup is the same as 3/4’s of a cup”.
Another conversation was about eggs and the depth of thought and reasoning was pretty amazing. When you think about the ‘chicken and the egg’ scenario, that is which comes first…one of our students said,”all the eggs must be girls”, so this led to the opportunity to ask the question, “Where do the roosters come from?” The surprise and conversations that arose out of this discussion was an opportunity to talk about averages and that approximately 50% or 1/2 of the eggs must potentially be male.

These are the ‘wow’ moments and are celebrated by the kids and the staff.

What maths can you cook up in the kitchen?

Cooking up some Maths

Get set for the Battle of the Bands


Yuille Park Battle of the Bands – Friday March 22

There will be a Battle of the Bands (girls vs. boys) fundraiser to help the costs for Pod3 camps and excursion’s so they are not so expensive.
DATE: Friday 22nd March
TIME: 12-1pm
Sausage $1.50
Donuts $1.50
There will be face painting and live music.
$1.00 for 2 colours
$1.50 for 3 colours

Face Painting available –

And guess what the live music is free.

What makes a good presentation…and what does not?

Over the last few weeks students in POD 3 have been working on passion projects…tuning in, finding out, sorting out and taking action in their area of research.
Each week they have been conferencing with their assigned teacher to keep track of where they are up to, what they need to do next, how they will take the next steps in their projects and who they might need to help them.

One of the main areas of the project is to present their learning in some form to the pod. The choice of presentation is pretty open and is really up to the creativity of the students. Last year we saw many students choosing to present their learning using Powerpoint.

Powerpoint can be a great tool to share an ideas, but I have to tell you, I’ve sat through some pretty boring powerpoints in my time.

So, what makes a good presentation and what does not.
Watch these video and share what you have learnt by leaving a comment below.

Video 1 – Tips for powerpoint

Video 2 – Make a Killer Power Point – tips and tricks

Getting ready for our Community Cafe opening

This week we have a team of students working in preparation for the opening of our Community Cafe for 2013.

Last year the Cafe was a great success with students preparing meals each week. The cafe is open on a Thursday from 10 til 2 and is open for all members of the community.

Be sure to come back to find out what we have been making.

What would you like to cook in the cafe this year?… at AnswerGarden.ch.