S.T.E.a.M. Survey – How do you feel about STEM learning?

Congratulations to all POD 3 students on your efforts this term in the STEaM room. We have worked hard to develop our scientific and engineering understandings around electricity and the design process.

The day at Earth Ed was a highlight for me and it was great to see you all embrace the opportunity of learning in a different setting.

To finish off the term I would like to get some feedback on how you are feeling about STEM learning. Can you please complete this quick 10 question survey. Thank you

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Who says I’m average?

Pod 3 this week created their own 2 metre ruler out of A3 paper, we then measured our heights. After measuring our heights we stuck them up on the wall in order from smallest to tallest (It was no surprise to us that Peta was the tallest!) We made observations on our heights and we then calculated the mean (average) height of a Pod 3 student- it was 152cm!





Pod 3 – Maths- See our padlet’s

Please click on the below link for our padlet on Cartesian Planes. See what we have learnt and what activities we have used…



Also please click on this link below for our padlet on Angles.. See what we have learnt and what activities we have used…