S.T.E.a.M. Survey – How do you feel about STEM learning?

Congratulations to all POD 3 students on your efforts this term in the STEaM room. We have worked hard to develop our scientific and engineering understandings around electricity and the design process.

The day at Earth Ed was a highlight for me and it was great to see you all embrace the opportunity of learning in a different setting.

To finish off the term I would like to get some feedback on how you are feeling about STEM learning. Can you please complete this quick 10 question survey. Thank you

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Kirks Reservoir Visit – Being water wise

This week the boys and girls group split up and went on excursions out to Kirks Reservoir.
We had previously had to postpone this excursion due to bad weather but this week the weather has almost been perfect. It was a great opportunity to get out and about and build on our Science knowledge about our Natural Environments and how we can make it sustainable.

Read the student comments to learn more.

The girls group taking a learning walk along the water wise path.

The girls group taking a learning walk along the water wise path.

term 3 reflection

This term I enjoyed working on my my narrative that was in my project, because I was proud of the end result.

I learnt about DNA via my science project.

From that, I discovered that the entire DNA sequence is called a genome, I also learnt much more.

This term I achieved and accomplished a better project than before.

I also liked doing  the other activities that were available on Friday afternoons.


My Fantantastic term 3

Term 3 is finally over one of my favorite things was JTC. It was so awesome because you had to dance in front of thousands of people. I learnt about team work and how to keep in time with the dance. Also I loved all of the costumes and the head piece. My favorite dance was dynamite and I loved the star ship costumes. From my science project I discovered that Diane Fossey taught gorillas sign language and that she got murdered.

by Harmony


Term 3 Reflection

This term I really enjoyed maths because I learn some you things like + – x I learn a bit more. And specialist, racv.

I learnt about sports games during P.E. which were fun. During recess I love to play footy with my mates.

From my science project I discovered about snails how strong are they, how fast do they move and where do they lived.

What have I achieve outside of school I play for the Gorden football club. When we went to Donald we got to practice in the carts to get fitter until we go to racv up at Maryborough

What we do in wide of workforce we do meals on wheels we pick up the meals, we deliver the meals to the old forks homes around the community. We cook food In the wood stove we cooked beef roles on a Friday.

From Harry

Term 3 reflextion

this term I really enjoyed quick smart because it helps me do my time tables faster and I do quick smart with tayna.  I learnt that ice cream is made of all kinds of things like milk, coco powder and sugar then you put the ice in the bowl and then let it sit for 1 hour.


Sean’s Pod3 Reflection

I really enjoyed RACV training because I got fitter and got bigger musles.

I learnt about Donald this term through RACV I had never heard of of Donald before. I had My first ride in Roling thounder. This cart has a cover on it unlike the other cart that we have.

From my science project i discovered that Herbert C brown won the Nobel prize and he got 100,000 us dollars with the Nobel prize. He got it for chemistry.

I really enjoyed working with Cilla because i improved my speech. She wants to learn about me so I showed her a clip that I like and she told he friends about it.

This Term I worked with a team to complete in the Lego Robotics championship. Both of our teams came 3rd there was a Primary team and a secondary team I was in the primary team with Josh, Warren and Luke.

By Sean


Today in Pod 3 we watched a video on 60 minutes called ‘Supernova’. It is about Brian Cox who is a physicist.

I bet you didnt know Brain was in a famous band called ‘D-Ream’ they had a famous song called ‘Things can only get better’. He decided not to tour Australia because he wanted a science degree.

Brian admired Dr Mike Farraday as he invented the generator.

Brian showed us that the time a building takes to blow up is the same amount of time a star takes to blow up.

Brian and Neil Armstrong’s favourite photo is an image of earth captured from the moon. This is his favourite because the earth looks fragile. Brian Cox was starstruck when he met Neil Armstrong.

Brian has started a compettion called the Cox-factor in England

Brian Cox says that if we want to move on in the world  then we need to get more scientists especially girls.

Brian has made being a geek cool. “Making it hip to be square”


Please click on this link to watch the video