Lost in the bush – Video conference by Joel

On Friday, YPCC joined some other Victorian schools in a video conference that was set to remember the 150th anniversary of when three young children were lost in the bush in Victoria, in 1864. We were able to speak with Aunty Nancy, a direct descendant from King Richard, one of the Aboriginal trackers who found the children and two of the actors that appeared in the film that was made about the lost Duff children.

In 1864, three Children were lost in the bush. Their names were  Isaac. Jane and Frank Duff.  in 1864 there were no phones, roads, no transport as we know it today and not much food and water. The first rail way was built in 1858.

The Duff children went out to the bush and there were   collecting broom (sticks from the bush to make brooms to sweep their houses) and got lost for 9 days. It was very cold – minus 1 degree!

They walked 90 km by criss crossing their paths.  Aboriginal trackers found the children – King Richard was one of the trackers. The other trackers were called Red Cap and Tony. The trackers used line searching, which is a common method of searching still used today.

The children were able to get water by licking gum leaves and luckily for them it rained during the time they were lost.

The video conference was pretty good but at times it was hard to keep track of the conversation.

University visit

On Monday most of pod3 students went to the Ballarat universty. When we got to the University the people there told us what we are going to be doing. After they told us what we will be doing we got split into 2 groups. My group visited the swimming pool first. There were lot’s of people swimming there was also a man coaching the swimmers. The lady also told us about little boxes on the side of the pool. The little boxes are where people can go in there and watch all of the action under the water. Next we went upstairs and on one side there was a sports gym and there were people playing sports, and on the other side there was a gymnastics area where the university students can do gymnastics. After that we went downstairs to the gym where people were working out. Then we had a quick look in the lecture room but we didn’t go in because people were working in there.

By Ally

My Fantastic time at University

On Monday 28th of October pod 3 students went of to the Federation University. We arrived at 9:30, first we sat down and we got told what we were going to do. We got split up into 2 groups. We had a look around the whole university. We saw the Hub, gym, gymnastics room, Res [ residence] and the libray (it was 4 stories high). It took about 40 minutes then we had to get back to the room for play lunch, we had jelly slice and cupcakes. Then  we headed off to a lecture room where we were fortunate to have 5 of the students to come in and talk to us, and to let us ask them some questions. Their names were Eliza, Anthony, Harreit, Anna and Courtney

I really had a great time by Harmony

term 3 reflection

This term I enjoyed working on my my narrative that was in my project, because I was proud of the end result.

I learnt about DNA via my science project.

From that, I discovered that the entire DNA sequence is called a genome, I also learnt much more.

This term I achieved and accomplished a better project than before.

I also liked doing  the other activities that were available on Friday afternoons.


Term 3 Reflection

This term I really enjoyed maths because I learn some you things like + – x I learn a bit more. And specialist, racv.

I learnt about sports games during P.E. which were fun. During recess I love to play footy with my mates.

From my science project I discovered about snails how strong are they, how fast do they move and where do they lived.

What have I achieve outside of school I play for the Gorden football club. When we went to Donald we got to practice in the carts to get fitter until we go to racv up at Maryborough

What we do in wide of workforce we do meals on wheels we pick up the meals, we deliver the meals to the old forks homes around the community. We cook food In the wood stove we cooked beef roles on a Friday.

From Harry


This term I really enjoyed band because I got to sing and be with a couple of my friends.

This term I learned a bit more about maths- fractions, some more time tables, and adding without using my fingers.

On my science project I worked on a famous scientist and her name was Rosalin Franklin. She was a radiologist.


Sean’s Pod3 Reflection

I really enjoyed RACV training because I got fitter and got bigger musles.

I learnt about Donald this term through RACV I had never heard of of Donald before. I had My first ride in Roling thounder. This cart has a cover on it unlike the other cart that we have.

From my science project i discovered that Herbert C brown won the Nobel prize and he got 100,000 us dollars with the Nobel prize. He got it for chemistry.

I really enjoyed working with Cilla because i improved my speech. She wants to learn about me so I showed her a clip that I like and she told he friends about it.

This Term I worked with a team to complete in the Lego Robotics championship. Both of our teams came 3rd there was a Primary team and a secondary team I was in the primary team with Josh, Warren and Luke.

By Sean


Today most of the pod 3 students went to earth-ed to learn about science. Firstly we went to room 01 and then we split into two groups, they had 15 people each but chloe was late so the it made sixteen in my group. Our teacher was called matt he new lots of things about electricity and lots more. after we were all settled we learnt how to connect wires to makes tiny lights work it was really confusing, we then did a super challenge it was to connect 2 lights to the one battery it was tricky.

After we had lunch and had a bit of a play we went into room 2 and we got to play with the van der graf it is a kind of lightning ball that makes your hair stick up it is made up of static and electrons they are negative it was so cool. Next we talked about how to help global warming I learnt that the greenhouse gases will cause the earth to warm up and then there will be no world for us to live in anymore. Last of all we got to ride on a bike that didnt move and it was so we new how hard it is to generate power and i nearly did it. at about 2:00 we left to go back to school on the bendy bus.

By Delaine

Eva’s white sauce

Yesterday we marked Lasagne.

Celine and I made the white sauce it was so tricky to make, we had to have 100g of butter and we had to melt the butter when then we measured up 100g of flour. We had to add it to the melted butter. Then we had to add milk to it and mix it up to make it runny. We had to keep mixing until it was runny so we can put it on the Lesage.

My favourite part of marking the recipe for the white sauce it was so cool learning how to make something I have never marked before.