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Your task today… explore an occupation that was recommended on your myfuture profile!

Create a report on your chosen occupation.

You must include

-A description of your profession

-What personal requirements will you need

-The top 5 most important knowledge areas and explain

-Study requirements

-Average annual salary- how much would you be paid per week?

-Average amount of hours worked weekly compared to hours you spend at school

-3 other similar or related occupations


You can display your findings however you prefer (poster/word doc/powerpoint/photo story ect…)

Our trip to Federation University

Today we got to meet 3 students Patty, Tasha and Sean. We also got to participate in an amazing race around the Mt Helen campus. It was a great experience and we enjoyed having our questions answered and seeing some of the new and exciting buildings and facilities.









Read about our experiences below….

Federation University

Next week we are very lucky to meet with some current Federation University students to hear their pathway story, and also ask them some questions. We are also getting to participate in an Amazing Race scavenger hunt around campus!


Please click on the link below to explore the Federation University website



Comment below your question for one of the students.. (it may be about their education, travel, study hours, residence, work, family pathways ect..)


Today we had an introduction to eSmart and cyber safety. We learnt how fast information can travel online and that when we post online, it stays in the internet space for ever.

We also learnt why we need to be careful with the information we share on our social media pages and to avoid sharing personal img_1404img_1405 img_1406 img_1407 img_1408 information with people we dont know.

Learning shortcuts in Tinkercad


Today in our E-Learning session we learnt keyboard shortcuts that will help us when we are creating our 3D models in the program ‘Tinkercad’.

We were only a small group today but the shortcuts helped us to be more accurate with our designs.

Next term we look forward to mentoring the grade 5 students and sharing these shortcuts with them. img_6088






How do you use technology?

What does being eSmart mean?
What is cyber safety?

At YPCC we are committed to making sure all our students, staff and community are safe online and that they have the knowledge and skills to do this.

Please complete this survey to tell us how you use technology so that we are able to focus on the areas that can help build our skills in this area.

Super Start to Term 3

Wow… What a great start to term 3… Although very chilly, both teachers and students have been learning lots with the support of Michael Ymer. Michael has been working with staff and students for a number of years now developing our skills in the teaching and learning of Mathematics.

I’m not sure who enjoyed the sessions with Michael more… The staff or students.
photo 1

photo 4



Specialist – Web Quest

Thanks to Mr Ross for putting together these Web Quest questions.

Copy the questions and paste them into a ‘Microsoft Word’ document. Use your own knowledge and the internet to support you to find the best answers.

Think about what makes a good website, what websites have you used in the past that have been helpful?

Good Luck.

Space Quiz


Answer the following questions about space.


  1. Name the first man to land on the moon? What year did this happen?
  1. In what year did the American space shuttle explode in the sky after take off?
  1. What country was competing against the USA in the race to space?
  1. What was the first animal to orbit space?
  1. What does an astronaut depend on for survival in outer space? Name three things.




  1. The planet Jupiter is made up largely of a) gases, b) liquids c) solids.
  1. What heat resistant material covers the nose of a space shuttle?

Is it a) ceramic tiles b) carbon graphite or c) kryptonite

  1. What litters the atmosphere and is caused by humans?
  1. In your own words, describe what an asteroid belt
  1. How many moons does Mars have?
  1. On Venus, a day is longer than a year. True or False?
  1. Which is the centre of the universe? The Sun or Earth? What did ancient astronomers believe to be true?
  1. True or false… You become taller in space?

14. How many kilometres in the sky does space officially begin? Is it a) 175 km b) 250 km or c) 100km.

15. The word astronaut comes from the Greek word “Astron” which means ? and “nautes” which means ?       The Russian cosmonaut has a similar meaning from ‘kosmos’ meaning universe and again “nautes” sailor.

  1. Which is the hottest planet in our solar system? Why?