Cottage By The Sea

Pod 3 have been very lucky to be able to go on two camps to Cottage By The Sea in Queenscliff this year. Please read about our special experiences at the Cottage.

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  1. Cottage By The Sea Reflection
    Dear Cottage
    The Favourite thing we did was going on the big bike ride and going swimming and surfing and the food you cooked us was the pizza because we all got to make our own toppings on the pizza then the staff members cooked it and then we got to eat other people’s pizza to see if you liked it.
    The Favourite staff on camp was all of them because they gave us socks, beanie’s and mini blankets on everyone’s bed.
    The Favourite activities I did was Air Hockey because I nearly bet everyone on Air Hockey my next favourite activities was Soccer because I got heaps of goals against all the other students.
    Camp makes me happy because all the stuff cottage by the sea provides us.
    What I will always remember is going surfing and watching everyone stand up.


  2. Cottage by the sea reflection
    Dear cottage by the sea my favourite ting was going surfing and swimming. Because I got to stand up on the board and I liked the waves crashing into the back of me. I also liked the food because it was really tasty.
    My favourite activity were swimming, surfing and going on the bike ride. I liked swimming because I liked going under the waves. The bike ride was the best.
    Camp makes me feel happy because we do lots of fun things. The surfing made me feel like I was hovering.
    I would always remember the time I first stood up on the board. 🙂

    By Jayden

  3. Cottage by the sea reflection
    Dear Cottage By The Sea

    My favourite thing about Cottage By The Sea was going surfing at ocean grove. I liked gong surfing because it was fun and I have never surfed before. Another thing I really enjoyed was the Giant bike ride from Cottage By The Sea to Point Lonsdale. It was the longest bike ride I’ve ever done! I also liked all the food they served. Compliments to the chef. I also liked that they gave us handmade blankets and scarves. Also the beds there were very comfy. I liked all the staff there because they
    Gave us all beanies, blankets and socks laid out on our beds. My favourite activity was going surfing at ocean grove because I have never surfed before. Being at Cottage By The Sea made me feel happy because all the staff there were so nice and friendly. Something I will always remember was a boy at camp using his scarf as a dress and dancing around! -Josh

  4. Cottage By The Sea!

    My favourite thing about camp was surfing because I stood up on my board and it was really hard and sorry for nearly running you over jess I really liked the food my favourite was the desert the chocolate mousse one it was really good. I wish i could have it again I really liked how you could keep up with all of us.
    I really liked Jess and Sean they are the best. Jess was really funny when she danced Sean was just fun!
    I liked the bike ride it was really fun I liked the view of the beach when we were riding it was cool. It was really fun seeing the cottage from the playground and when we were swinging I went really fast. Swimming was fun because when you dived under the wave it felt cool. It was fun riding the waves.
    Camp makes me feel happy and proud because I made it to camp 🙂
    I will always remember standing on my board and having fun with everybody.
    By Wes

  5. Dear cottage by the sea
    for everything you did for us. Thank you, Jess, Sean, Bill, Ebony, Steve, Brenton, Mark and all the cooks. You were all great! The food was amazing and the accommodation was great. I loved the blankets. My view from my bed was epic we could hear the waves crashing on the shore.
    My favourite activities were surfing. I epically failed but thank you Jess, for not letting me give up. My 2nd favourite activities was the long bike ride and guess what Mrs.Ellis fall off and blamed it on Eliza.

    Camp makes me feel so alive because I was with all my friends. All the activities and staff were all great and that’s what makes the camp feel like everything was amazing.

    I will always remember Sean, my cousin and I making a crocodile and seeing the tide come in and washing it away.
    Farewell Cottage.

  6. Cottage By The Sea Refletion
    One of my favourite things about the cottage is the riptide. Cottage it’s like living in your own house you clean yourself you do what you what to do like play pool, table tennis. The meals were amazing they were filling, nice and when we made our own pizza. Sometimes we made our own dinner in the cottage and cleaned our own dishes. I loved going to the beach and putting our feet in the water. In the mornings we when back to the beach to watch the sunrise and sunset.
    The staff are really nice and loved having us there. They would made sure we had enough stuff like sugar, milk, milo, ect… they like taking us surfing and to other activities too. And the like to help us if we don’t know how to do it.
    The activities were amazing I loved surfing that was my favourite. Surfing was so much fun I got about 7 waves and fell off a lot. The low ropes course was fun and funny I completed it about 2 times miss peatrie fell off on to her face that was pretty funny. We went for a walk down the street and went to the dock to watch people fish. We also wen to the play ground and went on the big swing it was so much fun. We also went to torque to go windows shopping and I bought a fox hat.
    The camp made me feel happy and a good chance to have good time. Stuff we so nice and they make you feel welcome and happy and I wish I could go back to cottage by the sea to enjoy every thing again
    The thing I will remember is having a great time with my friends and surfing.
    By Jacob

  7. My favourite thing at cottage by the sea was playing ping pong against Mr Shillito. Me and Sean listened to the soccer on the radio Australia v Iraq. Australia won 1-0 and Sean done a knee slide. On the second day we went surfing. I didn’t stand up but I still was an enjoyable day. A few kids had quiet time and the rest watched cats and dogs the rest played silent ball. When we went to the beach the waves where out so we had some massive waves.
    The staff was good they played games with us. They provided us with great opportunities for us to go great activities. The food was sensational especially the pizza’s we made on the first night.
    Free time was my favourite because we got to do anything we wanted to do. I liked the bike ride because we got an awesome view of point Lonsdale. I liked going to the beach because we got to go into the water and we got to see the ships coming through the bay. I liked going surfing because we went to the great ocean road to go surfing. The maritime museum was really good because you got to look at the ships from the olden days. My favourite activity was going to the fort because we got to dress up as army guys.

    From Torrey

  8. Dear Cottage, thank you for the meals and the accommodation. It was great. I liked how you put all of the vegetables that I don’t like to eat and it tasted great.

    The staff is great as well. You even get the buses out and drive as home to Ballarat! It’s so fantastic.

    The activities that you provide for us are great. I could list a thousand things that Cottage do, for example bike riding, swimming, surfing and we even got to go to the Marine Centre to feel and touch the sea animals.
    Cottage by the sea is great. Thanks for the great opportunitiess that you have

    from, Jesse.

  9. Cottage by the sea
    One of my favourite things to do at cottage by the sea was surfing, the delicious food and the game room. When we went to the beach we put our feet in the water, after that we watch the beautiful sun set coming up. And the big rock bed in the sea.
    The staff were great they help us with breakfast lunch and dinner. So we can make it at the cottage. The staff where really nice to us.
    Activities there was a game room. I really like the pool table, the ping pong table. The low rope course there was zig sags twist and turn. And last but not least Miss Petrie was funny when she fell face first on the ground on the course. The long drive to Torquay when Miss Petrie and Jeff fighting over which radio station to listen to. And the play ground were we went on a big swing.
    The camp make me feel happy with my friends, Jeff and Miss Petrie we did really cool things like the pranking when we scared Miss Petrie
    I will always remember this as a really funny and cool camp.
    By Hary

  10. Dear cottage by the sea
    My favourite thing was surfing at the sea.
    And I liked going bike riding.
    Thank you for all the things we got the beds from the cottage.
    It was fun do all of the activities even the ones at the beach.
    And thanks for taking us to the old army base.
    And thanks for all the food.
    I liked all the staff because all the stuff they organised.
    I felt good because I had a good time.
    And I will remember all the fun things I did. -Luke

  11. Cottage by the sea camp reflection
    Dear Cottage by the sea/staff thank you for giving us this great opportunity, I had a fantastic time at the cottage. The food was the best especially the pizza .You had everything well organised like the bike ride, surfing and more .The cottage was very tidy and neat. I myself enjoyed it very much.

    The staff was awesome especially, Jess. The chef should go on ‘My Kitchen rules’. Thank you staff for making this a great camp.

    I liked going on the bike ride, swimming and surfing. I loved looking out at all the different scenery on the bike ride. Swimming was awesome and everyone enjoyed it. I liked body surfing. Surfing was the BEST. I enjoyed watching everyone have a go.

    Camp makes me feel happy and welcome. I feel welcome at Cottage because of the great opportunities and gifts. I am happy at Cottage because I was with friends.

    I will always remember the incredible staff.

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