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  1. I think “The Stinky Cheese Man and Other Fairly Stupid Tales” is fairly stupid in a funny way. The end pages were in the middle and the stupid little red hen going blah, blah, blah (which was annoying somewhat).

    The illustrations were funny and awesome for example: the stories were cut up and put in a silly order. The author is brilliant at what he does and so I really enjoyed this book.

    I would recommend this book to anybody and everybody because it is so awesome in the way it was written because surely people would love fairly stupid tales.

    I would give this book a five star rating because of the reasons I have given (see paragraphs above for complete understanding) and the fact that I really enjoyed the book.

  2. The Stinky Cheese Man and other fairly stupid tales – Review

    I liked the stinky cheese man because he stunk so bad that no one ate him.
    The really ugly duckling was the funniest because he said I don’t care what they say because I might turn in to a beautiful swan and be hotter than any in the park but he still was a ugly duckling.
    The illustrations were so good that I could read that over and over again.
    I reckon that any with a great sense humour can read this book.
    I rate this book a ten out of ten because it is so, so, so funny that people over 50 can read it and will still laugh so much.

  3. Stinky Cheese Man review

    What I liked about the stinky cheese man is when the narrator kept on barging into nearly all of stories and I also liked the creativity of the book.

    I enjoyed little red running shorts and the Princess and the bowling ball and that all of the stories were short.

    I don’t really have any bad comments about this book except that that little annoying hen coming in on just about every page.

    I reckon that this book is designed for little kids or people that still have a sense of humour. I give this book about ten and a half.

  4. Recount on our visit
    To lake Wendouree

    Yesterday pod3 walked to Lake Wendouree. We met Ian Rossiter at the lake and he told us how William Yuille named a little island and the lake. He told us how it used to be a swamp and got changed to lake.

    After we talked about the lake we went over to P.O.W memorial. P.O.W means Prisoners of War. We talked about how the Japanese wanted to rule Australia. When the story finished we went around looking if someone who was in the war had our names.

    Next we went to the Olympic rings. We went around looking at the hand prints and the teachers told us that the rings represents different countries. Russel Mark was in shooting in 2012, 2008, 2000 and won silver in 1996 and gold 1992 and 1988.

    After that we went to Botanical Gardens. We went around looking at the Prime Ministers heads.
    John Winston Howard was Prime Minister in 1996.

    Later on we went back to school.
    by Fadia

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