Specialist – Web Quest

Thanks to Mr Ross for putting together these Web Quest questions.

Copy the questions and paste them into a ‘Microsoft Word’ document. Use your own knowledge and the internet to support you to find the best answers.

Think about what makes a good website, what websites have you used in the past that have been helpful?

Good Luck.

Space Quiz


Answer the following questions about space.


  1. Name the first man to land on the moon? What year did this happen?
  1. In what year did the American space shuttle explode in the sky after take off?
  1. What country was competing against the USA in the race to space?
  1. What was the first animal to orbit space?
  1. What does an astronaut depend on for survival in outer space? Name three things.




  1. The planet Jupiter is made up largely of a) gases, b) liquids c) solids.
  1. What heat resistant material covers the nose of a space shuttle?

Is it a) ceramic tiles b) carbon graphite or c) kryptonite

  1. What litters the atmosphere and is caused by humans?
  1. In your own words, describe what an asteroid belt
  1. How many moons does Mars have?
  1. On Venus, a day is longer than a year. True or False?
  1. Which is the centre of the universe? The Sun or Earth? What did ancient astronomers believe to be true?
  1. True or false… You become taller in space?

14. How many kilometres in the sky does space officially begin? Is it a) 175 km b) 250 km or c) 100km.

15. The word astronaut comes from the Greek word “Astron” which means ? and “nautes” which means ?       The Russian cosmonaut has a similar meaning from ‘kosmos’ meaning universe and again “nautes” sailor.

  1. Which is the hottest planet in our solar system? Why?

Science is FUN!!!!

Today at YPCC the whole school participated in some Science fun. Students from all three pods and the kinder mixed together to learn about science. Mr McMillan and his groups learnt about The Water Cycle, Mr Grills and Mr Ross explored ‘forces’ with their groups and Ms Petrie and Mr Bone explored solids, liquids and gases. Well done everyone!



Pod 3 are going to MARS!


You have been selected as astronauts and scientists to visit the Mars Australian Research Station (M.A.R.S.) on Mars! You’ll perform science experiments in the Laboratory and work on the computers in Mission Control.
mars nice
Before you go you’ll need to undertake some research about Mars, and what it’s like to live and work on another planet.

In week 8 we are visiting the Victorian Space Science Education Centre (VSSEC) before we arrive we have a student research project to complete!


Please click on the website below for information, videos, helpful websites and images to complete your project!



Compare the planets here

Whole School Maths Day

What great fun we had today during our whole school maths day. Students from all three pods got to mix together and play some different maths games. We focussed on Number, Statistics, measurement and Shape. Well done to all the students for working so well together. Well done to Ms Petrie, Mr McMillan, Shane, Mr Grills and Mr Ross for running such fun learning experiences and congratulations to all the students for their EFFORTS.

IMG_2599 IMG_2600 IMG_2601 IMG_2602 IMG_2603 IMG_2604 IMG_2605 IMG_2606 IMG_2607 IMG_2608 IMG_2609 IMG_2610


Today Gary from the disability, sport and recreation organisation came to Yuille Park Community College and spoke to us about some of the challenges that people with disabilities face and how they overcome those challenges.

Garry spoke about the importance of ‘Mental toughness’ and how that has helped him in his life.

Gary is a paraplegic as a result of a workplace accident where he fell from a 2nd story building. He broke his back and severed his spinal cord. The spinal cord is one of the main nerves in the body and is the one that send the messages from the brain to the smaller nerves within the legs. When the spinal cord is severed, the messages can’t get through to the legs and therefore the legs will not work or have any feeling.

Gary’s main message was that ‘Disabled people are very abled’ and like Gary can do many things such as playing sport, driving cars and going up and down stairs… they just need a little more focus and effort.

All students had the opportunity to get into a wheelchair and join in a game of wheelchair basketball. All students seemed to have fun and were able to get a better understanding of the physical challenges people in wheelchairs face.

Jorja, Makayla and Lily

Gary talking to the Pod 3 kids about his injuries

Gary talking to the Pod 3 kids about his injuries

Race for the ball

Race for the ball

Zac trying to get away from Beau

Zac trying to get away from Beau

Learning to Code

Today a group of excited Pod 3 students had their first lesson on Coding. We are using the website code.org to participate in the hour of code.

We began by discussing why we like ICT and what we know about it, then we watched a video about people who have jobs in ICT and have made lots of money by using their coding skills to develop programs. One of the people in the video was Mark Zuckerberg who developed FACEBOOK.

Kiara: “really good”

Max: “its fun and EPIC”

Mac: “I’m going to download this on my tablet”

Elisha: “it’s very creative”

Thanks to Trish for showing us how to begin our Coding journey.

Karlea Loves Coding

Karlea Loves Coding




Lochlan enjoyed the session

Lochlan enjoyed the session


Comment to tell us what you think of Coding

My start in Pod 3

Together with a partner please answer the following questions.

1: I have felt ……………. after my first 2 days in the Pod

2: I am looking forward to ……………… this year in Pod 3

3: An engagement program (RACV, JTC, CAFE, Band, Peer Mentoring, Meals on Wheels ect.) I would like to be involved in is ………….. because ………….

4: I am nervous about ………….. because ………….

Being Grateful


Today we reflected on the things we are grateful for this week. Its nice to spend some time and share the good things we have in our lives no matter how big or small they may be.

We also shared some of the nice things we have done for others this week.

Click on the comments to see some of the kind and caring things that are happening in our lives.


Boys Group

This morning the boys group had a focus on trust. We worked in teams with shared goals to compelte some trust activities.
We led each other with our eyes closed throug obstacles using limited words, then backwards and then with no eye sight or words.

Comment below the personal skill you are focusing on..
Also comment something you found difficult in todays session…
Also comment on something you and your partner did well together..