This term Pod 3 students are doing a project on science. Look here to see and hear all about our experiments and findings……

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  1. My project
    I did a chemistry project on freezing. I was trying to freeze juice with no freezer- I put lots of ice in a bowl and put juice in a cup and sat it in the bowl.
    My project failed because I had to much juice so the ice melted before the juice could freeze and the ice would not last.
    By Wes

  2. My Project
    My science experiment was about how telescopes work. This focused on physics relating to light and shadows.
    My science experiment didn’t work, because I drew the circle and star to big. It caused the problem because the paper wasn’t even with the desk lamp. Some science experiments didn’t work but most of them did.
    I did all my other things right that i needed to do. But even if my science experiment didn’t work it was still fun.
    By Ally

  3. My area of science is chemistry. I made gloop witch was all about making a substance whitch is a solid and a liquid. When it is not touched it is a liquid and when it is touched it becomes a sold. When it is left alone the particles spread out and it is a liquid. When you hold the substance (gloop) is compressed together and it turns into a solid. My experiment was successful. The ingredients you need are: Cornflour, food dye, a big bowl and a cup of water. You put the cornflour into the bowl and tip the cup of water into the bowl then add the food dye, then mix with your hands intill it turns into to goo.
    By Jayden

  4. My Science Project Worked. I tried to see if certant liquids will mix together.
    The oil went on top of the water then I put some food die in the cup then I mixed it and then I tipped it in a container and it turned green. The ingredients I used were water, oil, spoon and food colouring.
    With this experiment the food dye and water mixed with each other as they have the same density. The oil because it is lighter and more dense floated at the top of the container
    By Cory

  5. Hanging Crystals
    I did an experiment on crystalistation- the experiement was to grow crystals- using bicarbonate soda and hot water. In the last 18 hours my experiment has been growing tiny little crystals on a peice of wool. It has soaked up some of the water and formed little crystals. The crystals will take a week to grow.

    By Delaine

  6. My science is make a tree trap and I have to get insect in my trap but it is not outside on a tree, because it looks cloudy outside so I will do it today or tomorrow at school or at home. Cant wait to see if i trap any!

    By Mac

  7. My science experiment was trying to make a spiral galaxy. I was succssesful because I had the right amount of water. The science is that all of the confetti or little peices of paper and when they hit each thaey started to spread. Some ended up going to the outside but most of them stayed in the middle because all the magnetic force connected most of them together.


  8. My science project was on make an eclipse and I had to us a tennis ball ping bong ball and a torch the torch was the sun the tennis ball was the earth was the ping pong ball was the moon. Eclipses happens when the moon lines up with the sun and earth. My project was successfull because I acheived what I wanted and learnt that when the moon moves around the earth it comes in line with the sun and the earth- it causes a solar eclipse.

    By Tyler

  9. My experiment was called climbing colours and I put a red dot on a piece of tissue paper and put it in a glass of water. The idea is that the water will climb the tissue paper and seperate the red to its primary colours. My experiment was successful because the water reached the red dot and it split into its primary colours.
    By Josh.

  10. My science experiment was trying to make a fire with a ruler and wood. I was not successful because I needed a hole in the wood then i needed a long thin stick so the i put stick in the hole and then start spin it using my hands.After 2-3 minuets then you will start to smell smoke . Then start blowing on the smoke then.Then you will make fire. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  11. My experiment was called Sinking Diver i got a bottle and got rid of the sticker made a background on paper and sticked it on the back of the bottle then i got a pen lid a paper clip blue tac and cut a person out of thin colored plastic i attaced it to a paper clip and the paper clip on a pen lid then put tac on the lid you where ment to squeeze the bottle to make it swim or sink it didnt work for me though. by Nick

  12. My science experiment was called snail races. First I put the paper down. I used a pencil to draw start to finish. Then I put some small, little stones in the middle of the paper then I was holding the stop watch. I put the snails at the starting line. I started the stop watch and the race is on. The snails took off slowly but one of the snails passed the finish line. The stop watch stopped at two minutes and twenty two seconds. My science experiment worked. by Hary

  13. My science experiment was called “Seeing DNA”. I had to finely chop an onion and mix it with washing up liquid, salt and water then drain into jar, then apply surgical spirit. My experiment was successful because i saw white stringy stuff AKA DNA.
    by Max

  14. My area of science for my project is physics. My experiment is an elastic band paddle boat. I needed a plastic container with the lid ,elastic band,stice tape,icy pole sticks and a piece of plastic. I put it together in the form of a boat. Then I tested it in a sink of water. It was successful because it propelled in the water. The elastic band stored all of the energy. When I let it go it potential energy moved to the propeller and the boat moved.

    by Jayde.

  15. My project is about Astronomy. I was trying to find out about how stars twinkle in the sky. I needed some aluminium foil, torch, black piece of paper, see through glass tray and water. I had to scrunch up a peice of aluminium foil to make a shape of a star and make about 15 or 20 of them. After that I had to find a dark room. Then put all of my stars on the black peice of paper than put water in your tray and put it on top of the paper. The stars twinkles because the water reflected back of the stars from the light of the torch.

    by Chloe

  16. My project is called bug watch. It is all about bugs coming in to a new habitat and leaving their old habitat. In my fist attempt I did not have the right type of soil, because it was meant to have bugs in it at the start. After I put the light on it for 2 hours I kept checking it each minute until it was done it did not work because had a window open and the window made the worms cold and hot so I think the worms died noooooooo!! Sad face

    By Warren

  17. My experiment only just worked. I had to use a 1.25 litre plastic bottle. I had to use a funnel, bowl, ice and thermometer. I put hot water into the bottle, using the funnel and screwed the lid back on. I put the cold water and ice into the bowl. I used the thermometer to measure how cool the water was. I put the bottle into the bowl and poured the cold water and ice onto it. My bottle only went in a little bit.
    While my experiment was working I did another experiment. It worked! (After I practised it a few times) I had to see if water would stay in the glass while turning it upside down on a card. We had to turn the glass upside down quickly. The card stayed in place and no water spilt out!

    By Sean

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