Hello world and welcome to Yuille B Learning

Welcome to POD 3’s new global2 blog.

Our blog will be a place to share what we are learning about, thinking about, wondering about and talking about here in POD 3.

We hope this will become a place where we can connect in our learning conversations with each other, our teachers, other members of our school community and the world beyond the walls of our school buildings.

The blog posts will be written by teachers and/or students and you are invited to comment on blog posts. Commenting on the posts will help to start our conversations so don’t be shy. Before you leave a comment please be sure to visit our ‘blogging guidelines’ page to be sure our blog is a safe and positive place to visit.

We hope you have enjoyed a great holiday and we are looking forward to seeing you bright and early on Monday.

Let’s get ready to take the plunge and see how this blog might make a change in what we do here at YPCC.

Cheers, Trish