Wes’s math fact

The heart


Where you found it? Book

What I used?? paper pencil and a book

I created this maths fact because I thought it would be good and we would learn about it from reading, I though t it would be good for someone who would do this project if they need help, and I drew a picture so they understand.

Your heart is split in half,  one on the right and one on the left separated by a wall called a spectrum.

by Wes

Chloes maths fact

The Heart

I created this maths fact about the heart. I created it with paper a pencil and a book, I had to draw a person and two animals. I found this maths fact out of the heart book .A mouse’s heart beats 600 times a minute, an elephants heart beats 25 times a minute and an adults heart beats 60-80 times a minute.


Ally’s Maths Facts

                   My Math Fact

I created this maths fact because I thought it was interesting and I wanted to learn more about the kidneys. This box shows how big and how wide your kidneys are.

It also shows how much paper we used. We used paper to make this box. We made the box by drawing a net on a piece of paper and then cutting it out and putting sticky tape on it so it wouldn’t  fall a part.

Eliza’s Math Fact

I created this math fact about the shortest and longest muscles in the body.

I measured the sartorius muscle in my leg and found out how many millimeters it is. My sartorius muscle is 335mm long.

image found – google images – http://www.massage-therapy-medicine.com/sartorius-muscle.html

I measured the stampedius in my ear and it was 1mm.I used a ruler to measure my Sartorius and Tanyas  iPad to find out how long the stampedius .I found the muscles using Tanya’s iPad and a book called ‘How my body works the muscles’.

Jayden’s Maths Fact

Amazing Math Facts relating to the body


The Heart

I created this maths fact about the heart because I thought it was an awesome math fact.

My maths fact was, if you lived beyond 30 your heart would beat more than 1 billion times.

I found this math fact in a book, I had to find the place value and work out how many 0 were in a billion.

To create this I used a purple piece of paper a pencil and a book.

By Jayden

Cooking up some maths

Each week students from POD 3 do some ‘real life math’ in our kitchen. The mathematical connections made in these learning opportunities are amazing. It’s when the kids are back in the classroom or out in the yard and you hear comment like, “it’s like what we did in cooking, a half a cup and and a quarter of a cup is the same as 3/4’s of a cup”.
Another conversation was about eggs and the depth of thought and reasoning was pretty amazing. When you think about the ‘chicken and the egg’ scenario, that is which comes first…one of our students said,”all the eggs must be girls”, so this led to the opportunity to ask the question, “Where do the roosters come from?” The surprise and conversations that arose out of this discussion was an opportunity to talk about averages and that approximately 50% or 1/2 of the eggs must potentially be male.

These are the ‘wow’ moments and are celebrated by the kids and the staff.

What maths can you cook up in the kitchen?

Cooking up some Maths

Making paper – my project

I made paper with a paper kit,

  1.  I had to do rip up paper
  2. I had to weat for the paper to geter water into it
  3.  I had to blend up the paper
  4. I had to squash it into the frame
  5. I had to put it onto a piece a board
  6. After the paper had dried I could use it.

Making paper is harder than I thought.

These pictures show some of what I had to do making paper. I have enjoyed the projects this term.

What I learnt in maths

In cooking I learnt about indgrediants, litres, millilitres and fractions with Ms. Ellis. I learnt that your heart beat can go higher when you exercise. We made a line graph using our pulse to show this.

We played Mario Kart to get our data and then I learnt how to work out average (mean), mode, median and the range. The song helped me to remember how to work these out.

I learnt the numbers you find the most are 1, 2 and 3. I found that out by searching the newspaper for random numbers. We collected the data from the whole group and then we worked out the percentage.

We explored the newspapers for random numbers and our graph looked just like this one.

Maths has been fun with your friends and teachers. I’m a brainiac in maths 🙂

By Hayley

What I learnt this term in maths

In cooking I learnt fractions and new ingredients to make yummy foods – Ms.Ellis I learnt that our pulse will go up when you exercise and your pulse will settle down when u relax.

We played mario kart to get our data then I learnt about the mean, mode, median and range -Trish and we also learnt about random numbers like 1,2and 3 that are the most common numbers.

We also learnt how to rig a game and make a game so u always win – Mr.Cowan

Maths was really fun this term I have really enjoyed helping and listening to my classmates and teachers. 🙂

By Rhiannan