What makes a good presentation…and what does not?

Over the last few weeks students in POD 3 have been working on passion projects…tuning in, finding out, sorting out and taking action in their area of research.
Each week they have been conferencing with their assigned teacher to keep track of where they are up to, what they need to do next, how they will take the next steps in their projects and who they might need to help them.

One of the main areas of the project is to present their learning in some form to the pod. The choice of presentation is pretty open and is really up to the creativity of the students. Last year we saw many students choosing to present their learning using Powerpoint.

Powerpoint can be a great tool to share an ideas, but I have to tell you, I’ve sat through some pretty boring powerpoints in my time.

So, what makes a good presentation and what does not.
Watch these video and share what you have learnt by leaving a comment below.

Video 1 – Tips for powerpoint

Video 2 – Make a Killer Power Point – tips and tricks

Making paper – my project

I made paper with a paper kit,

  1.  I had to do rip up paper
  2. I had to weat for the paper to geter water into it
  3.  I had to blend up the paper
  4. I had to squash it into the frame
  5. I had to put it onto a piece a board
  6. After the paper had dried I could use it.

Making paper is harder than I thought.

These pictures show some of what I had to do making paper. I have enjoyed the projects this term.