Making paper – my project

I made paper with a paper kit,

  1.  I had to do rip up paper
  2. I had to weat for the paper to geter water into it
  3.  I had to blend up the paper
  4. I had to squash it into the frame
  5. I had to put it onto a piece a board
  6. After the paper had dried I could use it.

Making paper is harder than I thought.

These pictures show some of what I had to do making paper. I have enjoyed the projects this term.

What I learnt in maths

In cooking I learnt about indgrediants, litres, millilitres and fractions with Ms. Ellis. I learnt that your heart beat can go higher when you exercise. We made a line graph using our pulse to show this.

We played Mario Kart to get our data and then I learnt how to work out average (mean), mode, median and the range. The song helped me to remember how to work these out.

I learnt the numbers you find the most are 1, 2 and 3. I found that out by searching the newspaper for random numbers. We collected the data from the whole group and then we worked out the percentage.

We explored the newspapers for random numbers and our graph looked just like this one.

Maths has been fun with your friends and teachers. I’m a brainiac in maths 🙂

By Hayley

What I learnt this term in maths

In cooking I learnt fractions and new ingredients to make yummy foods – Ms.Ellis I learnt that our pulse will go up when you exercise and your pulse will settle down when u relax.

We played mario kart to get our data then I learnt about the mean, mode, median and range -Trish and we also learnt about random numbers like 1,2and 3 that are the most common numbers.

We also learnt how to rig a game and make a game so u always win – Mr.Cowan

Maths was really fun this term I have really enjoyed helping and listening to my classmates and teachers. 🙂

By Rhiannan