POD 3 update!

Lots happening again this week…..but firstly…

REMINDER bring back sport forms!!  Sports day is this Friday (March 1st) so bring yours back so you don’t miss out!! (It is Compulsory)

Sailing on again this week, sounds like the sailors are having a great time!

Meals on wheels- Well done Rock-Solid and Butters! keep up the good work… don’t stop for too much slice and biscuits!

Rebound wall team- Our court is all marked out, hopefully will be dug out this week and then we cant start laying our tiles!

CAFE- Great job again last week the meals were all REALLY yummy!! Was great to see you all working together as a team!

This week is sadly Mr W’s last week with us, we hope he has enjoyed his time in our Pod and that he has a great last week!!

Keep up the good work, great to see the projects coming together, just remember we only have 3 more weeks to finish them.

What would you like to do this last half on term one??? Please comment and let us know!
Also look at our world map! we have had 23 visitors from all across the world! Can you see what countries have been viewing our blog?? please comment your answers